We are so excited to now offer Colorado libraries a choice in cataloging systems with our newest cooperative purchase, SkyRiver!

We have worked with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (III), the makers of SkyRiver, to discount pricing for libraries.

Want to know more? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 303-422-1150
Edit screen orange3  SkyRiver is a full service bibliographic utility that connects libraries with the metadata they need to catalog library collections. SkyRiver's ever-growing database contains more than 43 million full, unique records. Sophisticated matching algorithms minimize duplication and sub-standard records, saving catalogers time and reducing searching frustration.
A library's subscription to SkyRiver includes UNLIMITED use for a flat rate. No additional access fees! Catalog until your fingers cramp up!

At NO additional cost, CLiC will provide training and support for your library's implementation, should that be desired. Contact Kira for more information.

KEY Features of SkyRiver (all included in your library's license)

- SkyRiver is ILS agnostic, offering easy integration with your library's system. Once it's set up, SkyRiver can serve as a Z30.50 target -or- your cataloging staff can use SkyRiver's excellent client application for more advanced work, including batch activities.

- SkyRiver cataloging services include:

    SkyRiver access - unlimited searching, copy cataloging, and more

    SkyRiver client application - possibly the best graphical interface you've seen as a cataloger. A must-see!

    SkySearch - record requesting service with responses within 48 hours

    SkySearch Plus - optional ongoing search service

    SkyWatch - optional CIP record upgrade notifications

    SkyMatch - materials vendor data integration

- SkyRiver offers all levels of RDA adoption, including hybrid AACR2/RDA as well as full RDA support. If you’re saying, “Huh?” then you should know: this is our future!
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- Is your library into original cataloging? Library staff can easily create original bibliographic and authority records and set up work forms and constant data.

Special Pricing for Colorado Libraries

Want to learn your library’s savings? ContactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing.

Why Consider SkyRiver?

While SkyRiver will be available to all of our member libraries, we believe it will be especially attractive to small and mid-sized libraries that have not been able to afford such services. CLiC also will be providing training and on-the-ground support for Colorado libraries that license SkyRiver. For the first time many Colorado libraries will have a new option for cataloging services and can get serious about their cataloging – which is proven to improve discoverability and access to YOUR collections by YOUR patrons. CLiC is here to help you.

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