The NEW EBSCO Package

Five years ago, dedicated volunteer librarians and staff at CLiC worked very hard to put together the EBSCO package.  From their efforts, Colorado libraries have enjoyed amazing pricing for a diverse EBSCO package containing something for every type of library.

Fast forward to TODAY! This past year CLiC, along with input from wonderful volunteers from school and public libraries, evaluated resources from multiple vendors.

Last fall (2016) CLiC sent out a Request for Proposal. Many vendors responded with a number of products and packages. After CLiC reviewed the proposals, two task forces were assembled representing K-12 schools and public libraries across the state. CLiC staff also reached out directly to librarians at community colleges and four-year academic institutions for input and perspective on their e-resource needs. LIBRARIANS LIKE YOU took time out of their busy schedules to review resources from different vendors and provide invaluable feedback about what patrons and students across Colorado really care about. From their suggestions, CLiC went back to the vendors like EBSCO and negotiated an amazing deal.

A theme we heard often is that YOU WANT a package that is designed for your library type. We listened! The NEW EBSCO package has specific packages for each library type.
Want more? You can add any of the other databases to your subscription -- at no additional cost.

A new package deserves a new way to order. You will not be renewing through Datalynk this year. Instead we will be sending you individualized quotes, an email where you can easily review exactly what you want and even pay immediately by credit card should you so choose. Since this is a new process for us the quotes will be sent out over a period of two weeks, April 24th- May 5th. K-12 schools will be the first to receive quotes, to give those organizations sufficient time before school ends and summer begins.

This program isn’t just a subscription for a host of databases and educational content; it’s a full-support service. In CLiC’s ongoing dedication to helping you we have a new ticketing system, where we can receive and respond promptly to your requests for assistance! We now have greater efficiency in helping YOU help your community.

If you have any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the CLiC office at 303-422-1150.

4-year Academic Libraries EBSCO Package
Community Colleges EBSCO Package
Public Library EBSCO Package
K-12 School EBSCO Package

EBSCO’s Statement Regarding COPAA, CIPA, FERPA and the Colorado Student Data and Privacy Act

EBSCO’s interfaces for children are compliant with the Colorado Student Data and Privacy Act and the Children's Online Protection Act (COPPA), which imposes restrictions on how websites collect information from children 13 and under. Students using EBSCO school databases/interfaces are not asked for their last names or email addresses when they create personal accounts. For a list of specific EBSCO interfaces that are COPPA compliant, refer to this FAQ:

EBSCOhost meets the security standards of both CIPA and FERPA. Our goal is to provide a hosting and delivery environment that is safe and secure from unauthorized access, while continuing to serve the needs of our customers and partners. EBSCO’s security plan is based largely on compliance with PCI data security standards and Massachusetts laws (MA 201). Please see response below for more detailed information about our security standards.

Infrastructural Safeguards
First and foremost, our datacenters must be secure. EBSCO owns its datacenters and employs security engineers who monitor the systems, networks, software and change control processes. Physical access to the datacenters and all network equipment is restricted.

Our network is designed with security in mind. Our service delivery network is protected with firewalls, and our routers have ACLs to limit exposure to external threats. Engineers monitor our Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls, and System Logs on a daily basis.
The Applications that serve customers are hosted within EBSCO’s datacenters, and all communications between application hosts occur over our internal private network.

Securing Our Software
Ensuring that application is secure and safe from unauthorized access is accomplished by frequent testing. We perform testing prior to releasing software, and we perform periodic penetration testing independent of software releases. A core part of our Sofware Develoment Life Cycle requires us to precede each software release with a Security Assessment, which tests the application using known/common attack vectors such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and other potential exploits.

Any risk areas are mitigated before the software is released.

Usage Data Safeguards
Usage data, which includes search terms, articles viewed, articles emailed, downloaded or saved, are stored in a transactional logging system that is not part of the infrastructure used to deliver our products. Each transaction is written to a separate logging server that stores the raw logs. Nightly, these transactions are processed into summary-level statistics that can be reported through our EBSCOadmin reporting utility. After seven days those raw transactions are discarded.

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