AspenCat Union Catalog Quick Guides

Procedures and Guidelines for Participation in AspenCat

Title Download
Procedures and Guidelines for AspenCat Participation pdf


Video Tutorials

Title  Link
Effective Searching in Koha CLiC Vimeo
Cataloging Demo CLiC Vimeo

Pika Tutorials

Title Link
Using Lists in Pika CLiC Vimeo
Posting Titles from Pika to Facebook CLiC Vimeo
Using the AspenCat Patron Interface (for patrons) pdf


Title Download
Adding a Patron Record (updated 9/25/14)  pdf docx
Check Items In (updated 9/25/14) pdf docx
Check Items Out (updated 9/29/14) pdf docx
Changing Barcodes for Circulation (created 12/2014) pdf docx
Checked Out Items Cycle pdf  
Claims Returned pdf docx
Daily Overdue Notices 
pdf docx
Editing a Patron Record (updated 9/30/14) pdf docx
Fast Adds for ILL and Circulation (updated 3/2015) pdf docx
Overdue Item List  pdf docx
Pay a Fine (Updated 9/10/14) pdf docx

Koha Offline Circulation Module
*Can only be used with 14-digit barcodes.
Download this module to use for check in and out when the internet is unavailable.
(This is a link to a Google Doc called Koha Offline Click on File link in the upper left of the screen and then Download. Click on Save File when you get the popup window and OK. Find the file in your Download folder and move to your computer Desktop.)


Quick Guides

Title Download
Cataloging Workflow pdf  
Adding an Item pdf docx
Z39.50 Troubleshooting pdf  
Adding an Item Note pdf docx
Item Check-in Notes pdf  
Session Defaults for Item Records  pdf docx
Adding a Bibliographic Record (Z39.50)  pdf docx
Edit as New or Close Match  pdf  
Deleting a Bibliographic Record pdf docx
Deleting an Item pdf docx
Merging Bibliographic Records pdf  docx
Moving an Item pdf docx
Item Level Holds pdf  
Periodicals: Recommendations for Cataloging pdf docx
Overlaying a Bibliographic Record -- Beware!  pdf doc
Revising “Type” in the MARC Record pdf  
Using Macros in SkyRiver Client to embed item data in bib records pdf  
Importing SkyRiver Records into AspenCat pdf  

Top Ten Cataloging Mistakes

Title Download
Using GMDs in AspenCat pdf  
Incorrect Fixed Fields for Format pdf  
Using the Default Framework When Overlaying a Record
Mismatched Item Type to Bibliographic Record pdf  
Duplicate Records
Brief Records pdf (A) pdf (B)
Changing Existing Records Without Changing Appropriate Fields
Leaving Symbols in Imported Records
Unintentional Overlay of Records
Deleting the Last Item on a Record Without Deleting the Bib Record pdf  

Catalog Cleanup

Title Download
Brief Bib with ISBN  pdf  docx
Dup Bibs with Same ISBN  pdf  docx
Top 50 Circulating Books  pdf  docx

Koha Functions

Title Download
Best Practices for AspenCat Reports pdf docx 
Finding Your Library's Items in AspenCat pdf docx
Receipt Printer Issues and Solutions pdf docx
Reports Tags pdf  
Setting up Calendars pdf docx
Using Koha Offline Circulation pdf docx



Holds & Resource Sharing 

Quick Guides

Title Download
Cancelling a Hold (updated 2/16/10) pdf docx
Holds Awaiting Pickup Report (Clear items from your hold shelf) (upd 7/11/2011) pdf docx
Holds Queue Report (Library Pull List) (upd 7/11/2011) pdf docx
Managing Holds (Summary of Resource Sharing in Koha) (updated May 2015) pdf docx
Placing a Hold (OPAC and Staff) pdf docx
Transfers to Receive Report (check for items in-transit for too long) (upd 7/11/2011) pdf docx
Colorado Interlibrary Loan Best Practices   docx


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