CLiC Offers Program with MiCTA!

CLiC has purchased a membership for CLiC member libraries that are independent districts in MiCTA (Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association).  All other libraries would have membership through their parent organization. This is a non-profit organization that negotiates contracts with telecom, computer, office equipment, and e-learning vendors on behalf of non-profit academics, schools, libraries, and governmental entities.  Vendors under contract include: Arrow, Brocade, BT, Carahsoft, CenturyLink, ICI, Integra, Juniper, Level (3), Lightower, Netech, Phybridge, RedSky, regroup, Shoretel, Sprint, Strategic Management Associates, T-Mobile, TIG and Verizon. More information can be found on the MiCTA website vendor page


  • Savings can be significant by leveraging membership buying power.
  • National e-rate program
  • Each vendor has MiCTA account reps who understand these specific discounts
  • The rigorous RFP process that MiCTA performs meets requirements for most city, county, school district, academic, and state institution procurement rules

How to Get Started:

  • Watch a brief overview video
  • Visit the MiCTA web site:
  • Contact MiCTA for access to vendor pricing on the MiCTA website
  • When talking to a vendor about MiCTA savings use the CLiC Member #, MTL-80110-01

"Through the MiCTA membership, we now have a chance to reduce the monthly cost of our T-1 line [Internet access] making it possible for us to afford other resources.  Thanks to CLiC for working tirelessly to find bargains, create agreements and work for the improvement of library service throughout Colorado." - Deb Johnson, Director - East Morgan County Library District

For more information , contact CLIC via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 303-422-1150 or 888-206-2695

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