Uniquely valued by member libraries, FirstSearch will continue to be offered as a separate service

In response to feedback from librarians about the unique capabilities of FirstSearch, FirstSearch and WorldCat Discovery will continue as separate services. OCLC will continue the full-featured WorldCat searching valued in FirstSearch in a new version of FirstSearch, and will add these capabilities to WorldCat Discovery.

  • A new version of FirstSearch will deliver the full-featured searching of WorldCat valued by FirstSearch users today.
  • WorldCat Discovery will continue to provide single-search discovery of electronic, digital and physical materials in your collections and in libraries worldwide. In addition to the single search box preferred by many searchers, future WorldCat Discovery will provide the full-featured search experience of FirstSearch for library staff and other expert searchers. WorldCat Discovery will remain the user-facing interface to WorldShare Management Services.
Both WorldCat Discovery and the new version of FirstSearch will include a modern, mobile-ready interface.

Collections of libraries represented in WorldCat will remain visible on the websites where many people begin their research, no matter which service they choose to use in the future.

As OCLC works to deliver critical functionality required in both services, access to the current version of FirstSearch will extend beyond the 2016 calendar year into 2017.

OCLC has modified the plan to transition all FirstSearch and WorldCat Local users to WorldCat Discovery because it is clear libraries need to deliver search experiences that meet different user needs, such as:

  • power searching of the WorldCat database, often used by library staff and expert searchers, and
  • single-search-box discovery of electronic, digital and physical library collections for a broader user community.
Many libraries also already have a discovery service but still want to provide detailed searching of WorldCat to support research and a variety of library workflows.

Your current subscription supports use of either the new version of FirstSearch or WorldCat Discovery, implementing the service that best meets the needs of your library.

Next steps:

  1. If you have not yet tried WorldCat Discoveryrequest your library’s unique WorldCat Discovery URL and take a look at the service. This will help you plan whether to use FirstSearch or WorldCat Discovery in the future.
  2. Watch for additional information from OCLC about plans for both WorldCat Discovery and the new version of FirstSearch, along with a schedule for service changes.
  3. Attend an informational webinar to learn more about plans for FirstSearch and WorldCat Discovery.
  4. Continue to provide feedback about WorldCat Discovery through the WorldCat Discovery area of the OCLC Community Center.

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